And will it stop there? 


Written 2,500 years ago, the book of Daniel includes an extraordinarily fitting description of end-time Europe. 
Europe never could have united its East and West if someone hadn’t opened the Iron Curtain first.
In an interview with, Lithuania’s ambassador to the U.S. says, “We have to draw the line before the Russians move tanks on top of it.”
House prices and debt levels are hitting new records; be worried.
The Iranians are playing for time; for Europe, the result could be momentous.
EU intends to send 800 soldiers, while deepening its trade relationship with other African states.


Analyzing the one-sided peace process
The world’s biggest Earth-observation program gets underway in Europe.
It’s amazing how far a dollar can go when you are Vladimir Putin.
How long before all Americans will be required to subsidize sex-change operations?
How the Chad-CAR crisis tells on our volatile religious world
When the only other option is torture, a voter’s choice is simple.
Is the U.S. about to give up its efforts in the Arab/Israeli peace process?
What the month of March tells us about Afghanistan’s future
Could following what’s in the Bible have prevented this disease outbreak?
The Key of David
What is the significance of Passover? How should it be kept? Understanding Passover’s true meaning is essential to your eternal life.
The Apostle John dealt with many Church crises, but he taught a formula for spiritual success. It is one of the most profound lessons in all the Bible.
Multi-year droughts, catastrophic wildfires, out-of-control deficits. Why is this happening to the Golden State? The answer will surprise you.
April 16, 2014  •  28 minutes
The more we study and learn about our universe, the stronger the evidence becomes of an absolutely remarkable truth: There is an Author of the cosmos. And He intended for us to be able to study the stars to help us come to know more about Him—and His awesome purpose for mankind! our awesome



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Written 2,500 years ago, the book of Daniel includes an extraordinarily fitting description of end-time Europe.